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Things you can do with a rampant rabbit vibrator

Rabbit vibrators are not just meant for the bedroom; you can use them for different sexual activities in several areas in your home. Try lighting some candles, pouring a bubble bath and taking time to make your imaginations come to life. There is no other perfect place to play with the rabbit vibrators. Lock the door, and take out the inhibitions you have by using that chance to explore your body. Before you get the orgasm machine into the water, check out the description of the product to ensure it is waterproof and prevent any kind of accidents or damages. Start from a low vibration setting and tease your body while you raise it and make it higher to make get the full stimulation effect. If you have one of those basic vibrators, it is time to make a change. Check out for advanced rabbit vibrators on Friendly Hostility for the perfect substitute.

Make your oral much interesting with the rabbit vibrator. The next time you are having an oral party with your partner, you can use the rabbit vibrator to stimulate your nipples and get things going. Ensure you have lubricant on your body to prevent any kind of roughness from the vibrator. Studies show that a large number or women can orgasm through nipple simulation alone. Spice up your date nights!  There is nothing as hot as surprising your partner with sexy lingerie now and then, well except for some kinky sex with the rabbit vibrator. You can whip this bad boy up, ties up your partner and rub it all over their body to tease them and induce some overpowering sensation. This may be one of the best toys you can use for submissive and dominating games in the bedroom. Who says men can’t have fun? The rabbit ears can make your man feel a great sensation when held against his lubricated shaft. It may take a while to convince him but it is definitely worth the shot.

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Haven’t Yet Experienced Orgasm – Try The Sex Toys

One of the common problems of the females is that they are not able to experience the sexual pleasure that they wish to and fake it in order to make their partner feel that they are doing a great job. Doing so can sometimes result in frustration and the other partner might not be able to know the reason behind your behaviour. In order to avoid such situation in your relationship, it is better to talk to your partner openly and discuss about the sexual pleasures and fantasies that you wish to fulfil. There is huge information about achieving orgasms online and the most effective one is introducing sex toys in your sex life.

Which sex toys to choose?

  • Vibrator – these days various magic wands are available in the market. The vibrator is chargeable and works best for stimulating the organ. The neck is flexible and pin-pointed and excites the clitoral region. It has a wheel which can be used to control the level of orgasm. It is the best tool to achieve clitoral orgasm and have an experience of your life time.
  • Dildos – the dildos have also come a long way to provide the realistic pleasure to the females. The silicon ones not only provide the feel of a real penis but these days several of them also come with ejaculation feature providing the pleasure of a real sex. The short glass dildo is one of the most used dildos as it is solid and offers smooth penetration.
  • Rabbit vibrator – the g-spot vibrator caresses, twirls, tingles and spins in your intimate area. The G-spot is stimulated and use of this vibrator for a few minutes will surely make you wet down there. The bulbous tip and amazing patterns available enhance the pleasure. You will also achieve clitoral orgasm along with the g-spot orgasm.